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Simple, intuitive and powerful solution to manage and track your construction staff work and activities. Request our sales team to contact you:


Here at I AM HERE, we pride ourselves in getting the very best for our customers. We help you to protect your business and your interests and ensure you get the best possible performance of your employees.

Our solution is not only very easy to use and manage, but it is also very flexible. A wide range of customizable options allows you to adapt it to your company needs and requirements. And if that is not enough we are always more than happy to discuss and deliver anything beyond standard features, shall you need it!

We have a simple and yet very flexible licensing solution that should suit any business. More importantly though, there is no hidden fees, micro payments or even a contract! Registration is quick and no credit card is required so why not to give it a go today?

Administrators Panel

Business Owners & Managers Version

Our business owners versions allows you to manage and customize all aspects of your I AM HERE account: employees, permissions, company details, documents, customers, jobs, reports and many more. It is dedicated for business owners, directors and dedicated administrators.

Employees Application

Construction Staff Mobile Version

Mobile version is designated for your on-site construction staff, foremen and managers. It works on almost every smart-phones and allows you to track, control and manage your employees in Real Time.

Any Mobile Platform

I AM HERE works on any SmartPhone or Tablet with a modern browser. You do not need to download, install or add any additional software or applications on your device.

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Edge
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows
Learn More About Employees Features
Learn More About Employees Features
Simple and Quick Registration

Starting with I AM HERE

I AM HERE benefits

Benefits for Your Business

Real-Time Control

You always know who is where doing what! If needed, you can make changes to your account, employees, sites or jobs and everybody instantly knows the details. There is no more missed messages and miscommunication between your employees and even subcontractors.

Reporting & Analytics

Our extensive reporting system gives you all information you may need at one click. You no longer need to spend hours and vast amount of money to know what is happening within your business. All the data is presented in easy to understand charts, graphs and tables. And you can access it anytime and anywhere.

No Investments

Because our solution is web-based there is no need for you to purchase any additional equipment, software or licenses. All you need is your laptop or PC. And all your employees need is their smart-phone. Any smart phone really - our solution will work on almost every device!

No Contracts

We know things change very quickly and sometimes it is difficult to plan for the future. Therefore, our solution comes without any contract, static licenses or long-term obligations. You can flexibly reassign licenses between your employees, even if they are temporary staff or even subcontractors.

Pricing Plan

Simple & Transparent Licensing

We offer one simple, straightforward license plan, but we can offer you fully tailored plan, shall you need one!


per license

Key Sections

Some of More Important Features

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We Listen!

We have a community of dedicated users who contribute a lot to the development of our application. We are always open for your comments, suggestions and requests.





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